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Air Purification        Humidification

Most people think of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), has everything thing to do with cleaner air for breathing.  It’s one of the most important features but there is far more to it than breathing cleaner air.  High quality IAQ equipment ensures your indoor comfort system runs stay clean and run at its optimal efficiency.


  • Dirt and grime can build up on your blower wheel.  A layer no more than a 1/16 of an inch can reduce your blower efficiency by 20%!  That increases your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.  It can also lead to other issues; adding unwanted wear and tear on your system components.
  • Particulates can collect on your indoor coil.  Biohazards like bacteria, molds, and algae can thrive on the coil producing biofilm that reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner and produce off-gassing.  One form of this is called dirty sock syndrome.  You can guess why.
  •  Particulate build up from pet dander, pollen, and dust can reduce airflow.  This can cause high limits to trip on your furnace and your coil to freeze up during air conditioning.

All these issues reduce system efficiency and increase system runtime; thus directly increasing your utlity bills.          

Plus Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is more than just purifying your air.  It’s about comfort; and comfort depends on the level of humidity within your home.  A properly humidified home will feel cool in the summer, and cozy in the winter.  A properly sized and installed humidifier by DenSon’s will enhance your IAQ giving you the indoor comfort you desire!

What Are The Benefits Of A Humidifier?


  • The right humidity level reduces the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, and mold.
  • In the winter adding humidity to your air:
    • enhances your family’s respiratory system
    • protects your hardwood floors, antiques, and artwork from cracking and drying out.
    • will allow you to be comfortable about 3-4 degrees cooler saving you money on your heating bill

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The proper humidity level is great for our skin.  In the summer no one wants to feel sticky.   In the winter dry skin and static are two things we’d like to live without!

Rick will help you choose from a number of different IAQ solutions to help you reduce the impact of pollutants in your home’s air while satisfying the need for proper humidity control.  Give him a call!

Air Purification        Humidification