Heating & Furnace Repair & Maintenance for Alton, Brighton & Jerseyville And Surrounding Areas

When winter weather causes temperatures to drop and snow to fall, the last thing you want is for your heating system to fail. If it does break down, you want to rest assured that experienced, knowledgeable technicians can provide heating services as soon as possible. Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating is a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer. We service all makes, models, and brands and offer all the heating services you need, including emergency repairs.

Service technician inspecting Trane heater

Signs That You Need Heating Repair

If you’ve never experienced a heating system malfunction before, you may not know when to call for service. Look for these five signs that you need heating repairs as soon as possible:

  • Sudden loud noises: Most furnaces, boilers and heat pumps make relatively quiet noises when they turn on or switch off. If your heating system suddenly begins making clanking, banging, or other loud noises, there’s a good chance you need repairs urgently.
  • Increasing utility bills: You already expect to pay more for heating during the winter months. However, if your utility bills keep rising and don’t seem to decrease when the cold temperatures pass, you might have a heating problem on your hands. Call our team to get to the bottom of the problem.
  • Inadequate or uneven heating: Your furnace, boiler or heat pump should provide adequate heating power to each room that’s connected to your HVAC system. If some rooms never seem quite warm enough, or if your heating system has begun to pump more heat to some rooms than others, your system may need attention.
  • Poor indoor air quality: Your heating system should help keep your indoor air clean and your home’s relative humidity level moderate. If you find that your furnace, boiler or heat pump is contributing to poor indoor air quality, call our team of experienced repair technicians. We’ll determine if your heating system is at fault or if you need indoor air quality add-ons.
  • Yellow pilot light: If you rely on a gas-powered furnace to keep your home warm, there’s an easy way to tell whether something is awry with your heating system. If your furnace is working properly, the pilot light should be blue. If the pilot light appears yellow or orange, your heating system could be polluting your home with dangerous gases.

If you have experienced these issues, you should consider getting a heating maintenance plan if you don’t have one already. Maintenance plans extend the performance of your heating system and help to prevent costly heating repairs. Consider purchasing a maintenance plan with Den-Son today.

Efficient Heating Repair Diagnosis

At Den-Son, we know that waiting for a heating system diagnosis is often the toughest part of the repair process. That’s why our heating technicians have extensive experience with heat pump, boiler and furnace repairs. We can get to the root of a heating problem quickly.

Our technicians are just a phone call away. You can rest assured that we’ll determine the extent of the problem and propose an effective solution right away.

Fast and Effective Heating Repair Services

Our heating team knows that you don’t want to wait longer than absolutely necessary to have your heating system in working order again. That’s why our technicians are prepared to diagnose and complete heating repairs in a single visit. Don’t hesitate to call Den-Son, whether you want an estimate for future repairs or you need emergency service now. Our service areas include Brighton, Alton, Jerseyville, Batchtown, Alhambra, IL and the surrounding areas.

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