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Indoor Air Purification Products

happy familyUsually, heating and cooling systems have little direct impact on the presence of pollutants and debris in the indoor air.  Unwanted pollutants, like pet dander or indoor plant pollens, build up when windows and doors are sealed against the loss of heat or cool air.

With the right additions, DenSon Cooling & Heating can help you reduce those unwanted particles and odors; improving the indoor air quality of your house.
Plus Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is more than just purifying your air.  It’s about comfort; and comfort depends on the level of humidity within your home.  A properly humidified home will feel cool in the summer, and cozy in the winter.  A properly sized and installed humidifier by DenSon’s will enhance your IAQ giving you the indoor comfort you desire!

Rick will help you choose from a number of different IAQ solutions to help you reduce the impact of pollutants in your home’s air while satisfying the need for proper humidity control.

Air Purifiers and Cleaners

  • Air Purifiers

    Indoor air quality can be harmed by the build-up of pollutants like dander, dust, smoke, mold, and mildew if there isn’t proper ventilation. Clean air purifiers are designed to remove these pollutants from your home to make your air safe and comfortable to breathe again. Technicians from DenSon will help you find the best model to meet your clean air needs and your budget.

1_RGF-REME-HALO2-583x437REME or Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy utilizes an electro magnetic energy cell to create Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides™, a friendly oxidizer plasma made from oxygen and humidity. This air purifying plasma is propelled into the HVAC duct or plenum by a silent plasma propulsion module that has no moving parts, yet propels the plasma at 2 cfm. This provides for fan or blower-less operation on a 24-hour basis. The purifying plasma will be propelled through the ducts whether the fan or blower is on or not.

See how this technology can give your home a clean, fresh smell while killing bacteria, viruses, mold spores, other harmful air borne pollutants.   Click Here

  • Air CleanersAir quality is a top priority for our customers, so in addition to providing heating and cooling systems, DenSon Cooling & Heating helps customers decide what air cleaners are the best fit for their homes. Technicians from DenSon can help you test and monitor your home air quality for different types of pollutants, to find the best solution for your specific needs. Consultants from DenSon will help you determine if a mechanical or electronic model will best meet your needs. Contact us to schedule an indoor air quality diagnostic test.
Air Cleaner
Setting the standard in air quality, the Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner uses revolutionary technology that supplies your home with a cleaner, healthier environment, allowing you to breathe easier - literally. Remove up to 99.98% of airborne particles with our air cleaner for your home and say goodbye to worrying about breathing in harmful bacteria or allergens.
trane-perfect-fit-air-cleanerTrane Perfect Fit™ 1" & 5” Media Filters
For the millions of particles in a typical home’s air, a Trane Perfect Fit™ filter traps more dust, pollen and bacteria than typical filters.
Improve Your Air Quality One cabinet, three options: A Trane Perfect Fit™ filter is an integral part of a Trane home comfort system. If you start out with a pleated or media filter, you always have the option to add the Trane CleanEffects™ air filtration system. And, regardless of the filter you choose, all of the filters are easy to access and maintain.
The right choice: When considering which filter is appropriate for your home, consider your lifestyle. How much time and money are you willing to spend on replacing filters? Would you prefer to have a filter you can clean yourself? And, what kind of effectiveness are you looking for? For help with these and other questions, use the product comparison feature or find a dealer near you.