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When summer comes around in Alton, IL, you can expect the temperature to go up to the high 80s. The scorching heat usually causes homeowners to use their HVAC systems more often than usual. This can have a negative effect on your system. Read on to learn the four common problems that could affect your HVAC system during the summer months.

1. Refrigerant Leaks

Sometimes during the summer, your system’s refrigerant lines may develop rips that cause the refrigerant to leak out. Refrigerant is crucial to your system’s cooling abilities. Hiring a technician to evaluate your refrigerant lines and coils can be a huge help during these hotter months.

2. Electric Bills

Due to how hot it is during the summer, you’ll likely have your AC running more often than you typically do. This means that you’ll be using more electricity, which could lead to you having a sizable increase in the monthly electric bills.

To keep your electric bills from getting too expensive, you should be mindful of the things in your home that consume electricity. You should turn off the lights in a room once you leave it, and you shouldn’t leave things on like your TV if you aren’t watching it. If your electric bill is increasing for unexplainable reasons, it could simply be that your HVAC system is old and needs to be replaced.

3. Airflow Problems

Summer is the time when a lot of flowers, grass and vegetation start to grow and flourish. These things may end up getting caught in your AC unit and cause a blockage that can interrupt its airflow. If a lot of foliage grows around a unit, it can also cause the unit to overheat, which can damage your system.

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