4 Easy Ways to Make Your Alton, IL Home’s Indoor Air Cleaner

While you can’t see it, you can feel the effects of poor air quality. Making sure your home has clean, fresh air can make all the difference in the world if you have allergies, skin conditions, or even a cold. If anyone in your Alton, Illinois, home has asthma or other chronic respiratory conditions, having clean indoor air is especially crucial. Thankfully, there are several easy things you can do to improve the air quality in your Illinois home.

Add A Humidifier

Keeping your home’s humidity level in check is one of the easiest ways to manage the air quality in your home. While it won’t solve all the air quality concerns you may have, they come in a wide range of formats, ranging from room-to-room or whole-house support. Humidifiers are great for flu season and dryer months.

Use an Air Purifier

Humidity isn’t the only thing you’ll have to tackle if you plan on having a home with amazing air quality. The addition of an air purifier is also beneficial. It works hard so you don’t have to by removing over 99 percent of air pollutants including dust particles and airborne bacteria. Air purifiers are an excellent first line of defense for those suffering from asthma or allergies. Like humidifiers, you can find room-by-room or whole-house units.

Add Some Plants To Your Decor

Plants can also help filter the air in your home, making it a bit fresher. They absorb carbon dioxide, helping your plant produce fresh, clean air. They can also help liven up your decor.

Clean Your Home Regularly

Getting down to business and cleaning your home regularly is labor-intensive and time-consuming, but very effective at keeping the air in your home clean and fresh. Be sure to stay away from harshly scented chemicals; they can trigger some respiratory conditions.

Keeping the air in your home clean and fresh is simple with help from Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating. If you want cleaner indoor air in your home, let one of our technicians install a home air cleaning solution. Give us a call at 618-207-3847.

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