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Residents of Alton, IL, frequently experience sub-zero temperatures and strong winds in winter. That’s an excellent reason to install a reliable heating system in your home. Here are a few great heating options worth considering.

1. Furnace

Most American households use a furnace to heat their homes. Designed as a central heating system, the furnace transports warm air throughout the house using a network of ducts.

When you use a furnace, you can easily regulate the temperature inside a home using a thermostat. Depending on your requirements, a furnace can use electricity, oil, or fuel oil for power.

2. Boiler

You can also use a boiler to heat your home. Unlike a furnace that carries heat in warm air, the boiler uses hot water to transfer heat. A boiler distributes warm air throughout the house using a network of pipes, radiators and other devices.

A radiant floor heater is a newer, advanced version of a boiler. As the name suggests, the warm water from the boiler circulates the house using tubes under the floor. This is costlier than a traditional boiler and requires an experienced HVAC service provider to install it.

3. Heat Pump

A heat pump provides warm air in the cold months and cold air in the summer. Also known as a two-way air conditioner, the heat pump uses a forced warm-air delivery system.

The most common type of heat pump is an air-source pump, which uses air from outside to heat a home. Another option is a geothermal heat pump, which uses the underground heat from the earth to keep a home warm in winter.

4. Direct Heating

If your home’s living space is less than 1,000 square feet, you may not need a central heating system. For instance, it’s more practical to use a direct heating source for a small villa with only 500-square feet. Examples of direct heating sources are gas and electric heaters.

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