How a Ductless AC System Works in Your Brighton, IL Home

A ductless AC system takes home comfort to a whole new level. Able to deliver targeted cooling wherever you need it, these room-by-room climate control systems let you customize your comfort in every living space. The way they work may feel like magic, but their technology is actually easy to understand. Learn the simple dynamics at play behind every ductless air conditioner.

How Ductless Technology Works

Like traditional air conditioners, ductless AC uses refrigerant to extract heat from your home and move it outside. Instead of using ductwork to circulate the air, they keep you cool with individual air handlers. Conduits link the air handlers to a single outdoor unit. With a ductless system, everything you need to optimize your comfort is right at hand. Remote controls let you alter temperatures and fan speeds to meet your personal preferences.

Components of a Ductless System

A ductless system has an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit has a fan and evaporator coil, and the indoor units are all connected to the same outdoor unit. The outdoor unit has three parts, including the compressor, condensing coil, and fan.

  • The Compressor: This component of the outdoor unit is responsible for transferring heat efficiently. It transforms low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas through condensation.
  • The Condensing Coil: This outdoor unit part is made up of aluminum fins and converts hot refrigerant from a high-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid.
  • The Fan: The fan draws air through the condensing coil and dissipates heat energy into the outdoor air.
  • Year-Round Comfort

    Ductless systems aren’t just for cooling. Products engineered for reverse operation can keep you warm during the winter in Central Illinois too. Offering superior energy efficiency, they can also save you a bundle of money. Replacing your existing comfort systems with a dual-purpose model could cut your heating and cooling costs by 30 percent or more.

    Will Ductless Work for You?

    By eliminating ductwork from the equation, ductless systems can be installed just about anywhere. Their design flexibility makes them adaptable to virtually any application, from historic homes to commercial offices. Popular uses for these energy-efficient ductless air conditioners and heaters include:

    • Whole-home systems for structures where ductwork installations aren’t physically feasible
    • Single-zone products for spaces like garages, sheds, enclosed porches or room additions
    • Replacement systems for homes with inefficient central air heating or cooling
    • Point-of-use products for hard-to-condition living areas like finished attics

    As a Trane Comfort Specialist, Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating is certified to install quality single-zone and multi-zone systems. Our broad selection ensures you’ll enjoy the ductless system that works best for you. For more information, check out our ductless AC section or call today.

    Originally published in May 2018, updated in March 2020

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