3 Practical Ways to Save on Your Home Energy Costs

According to the Department of Energy, almost one-quarter of all energy used in the country goes to residences. The average U.S. family spends approximately $2,200 annually on utility bills, and almost half goes to heating and air conditioning. There are simple ways to cut fuel use and save on energy costs without sacrificing comfort in your Alton, IL home.

Seal Air Leaks

Fixing air leaks in the building shell is the first step in saving energy. Doors, windows, electrical outlets, attic hatches and places where utilities enter the building are prime areas. During a whole-house energy audit, an HVAC professional will identify air leaks and recommend ways to fix them.

Repairing leaks retards air and moisture infiltration and can save up to 20 percent on home energy bills. Humidity affects comfort, so controlling moisture helps create a comfortable living space. It also reduces strain on your HVAC system.

Add Insulation

Adding insulation to attics, crawl spaces and walls prevents heat from entering the living space during summer months and leaking out during the winter. The government of Illinois recommends insulating attics to R-43, existing walls to R-13 and floors over unconditioned spaces to R-21.

Tend Your HVAC System

Preventive maintenance is one of the most cost-effective HVAC services offered by heating and cooling contractors. HVAC maintenance can reduce energy use for heating and cooling by up to 20 percent. In contrast, lack of maintenance increases energy usage by up to 60 percent.

Simply changing the air conditioner filter regularly can reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent. Sealing ducts can improve efficiency by up to 20 percent.

Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating’s HVAC Services

Den-Son provides new installations, duct repair, indoor air quality solutions, preventive maintenance, scheduled repairs and 24-hour emergency service. We are a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer. Our technicians undergo regular factory training and work on all types of HVAC equipment.

We evaluate your indoor climate needs and recommend energy-efficient solutions that work with your budget and lifestyle. We strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction, provide free estimates and offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all services.

For more information about how to save on energy costs, call to speak to one of our technicians.

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