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The HVAC unit in your Alton, Illinois, home works hard throughout the year to keep you comfortable. Preventive HVAC maintenance helps cut costs by reducing the likelihood of breakdowns, improving the system’s efficiency, and increasing its lifespan.

Fewer Repairs

Regular preventive maintenance leads to fewer breakdowns, saving you money on the subsequent repair work. When you have your system inspected regularly, the HVAC technician is more likely to spot problems when they’re still small and relatively inexpensive to repair. Something as simple as a loose screw can develop into a major issue that’s expensive to fix if it’s not taken care of promptly. Regular preventive maintenance also lessens the odds of a component breaking in the first place.

Increased Efficiency

Preventive maintenance is one of the best ways to increase your unit’s efficiency. Dust and debris naturally accumulate in your HVAC system as it operates, and this buildup can force your unit to work harder than it should. During a service visit, an HVAC tech will clean many of the system’s components, removing dust and debris and helping the system function more efficiently. A clean, well-serviced unit is much cheaper to operate than a dirty one that’s been ignored.

Longer Lifespan

When performed regularly, preventive maintenance tasks can have a huge impact on your unit’s lifespan. Spotting problems before they become major issues and servicing the unit regularly decreases the amount of strain the unit experiences over time. The less strain the unit experiences, the longer it’ll last, allowing you to put off replacing it. While most HVAC units last around fifteen years, it’s entirely possible for them to last much longer with regular maintenance and care.

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