5 Signs of a Faulty AC Pressure Switch in Jerseyville, IL

The AC pressure switch is an essential component of your air conditioning system, responsible for monitoring and regulating refrigerant pressure. When this switch malfunctions, it can lead to various issues with your system’s performance. We’ll discuss five of them to help you identify and address the problem in your Jerseyville, IL, home.

Inconsistent Cooling

A malfunctioning AC pressure switch can result in inconsistent cooling performance. You may notice that your air conditioner isn’t providing consistent and sufficient cooling throughout your home. Some areas may feel colder than others, while some rooms may not cool down at all.

AC Compressor Frequently Cycling

If your air conditioner compressor is cycling on and off more frequently than usual, it could indicate a faulty pressure switch. The pressure switch regulates the operation of the compressor based on refrigerant pressure. A malfunctioning switch may send incorrect signals to the compressor, causing the cycling issue.

Air Conditioner Not Turning On

Another sign of a bad AC pressure switch is when your air conditioner fails to turn on or stay on. The pressure switch acts as a safety device that prevents the system from operating under unsafe conditions, such as extremely high or low refrigerant pressure. If the pressure switch malfunctions, it may send false signals, causing the AC system to shut off or not turn on at all.

Fluctuating Airflow

A faulty pressure switch can also result in fluctuating airflow from your AC vents. You may notice that the airflow becomes weak and then suddenly becomes stronger. This inconsistency in airflow may be a result of irregular operation of the pressure switch, affecting the overall performance of your AC system.

Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air

When your AC system blows warm air instead of cool air, a malfunctioning pressure switch could be the culprit. The pressure switch plays a role in keeping refrigerant pressure at an optimal level for proper cooling. When the switch fails, it may disrupt the refrigerant flow, leading to inadequate cooling and the release of warm air.

If you notice any of these signs of a bad AC pressure switch, seek professional assistance. Contact Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating to schedule AC repair or maintenance services.

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