Tips for Reducing Cooling Costs in Brighton, IL

You want to minimize your cooling costs when summer rolls around in Brighton, IL. But maybe you’re unsure as to how you can do so. Below are some tips for reducing cooling costs; they revolve around keeping the AC system clean, letting the air flow smoothly and retaining the coolness for as long as possible.

Change the Air Filter

You should replace the filter in your return vent at least every 90 days. The dirt and dust that it collects will make circulation difficult, which means wear on the air conditioner’s motor and higher energy bills. Check the filter every month to ensure it’s still clean and free from clogs.

Clean Around the Compressor

The compressor releases the heat that your air handler absorbed from your home. If bushes or other obstructions lay around the compressor, though, this won’t happen. As a result, your AC system won’t cool your home effectively and efficiently.

To avoid this issue, trim back the bushes, and consider hosing down the outside of the compressor. As for cleaning inside the compressor, this is something that professional maintenance plans cover.

Seal Cracks and Insulate the Walls

If your home isn’t retaining your cool air for long, chances are that you’ve got cracks around the doors and windows that are letting it out. Seal these with caulking, metal strips or another form of weatherstripping. In addition, see if your walls and attic space need insulation or an insulation upgrade.

Avoid Generating Heat Indoors

Lastly, you can do your AC system a favor by not generating much heat indoors. Try to minimize activities like using the oven, operating the dryer and taking hot showers.

Available 24/7 for Emergencies

If you need an AC repair in Brighton, IL, call Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating. We can service any make or model of ducted or ductless air conditioning system.

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