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A geothermal HVAC system draws from the energy in the earth to power its heating and cooling functions. However, it can still need repairs occasionally, although less frequently than other HVAC systems. Here is a short guide to troubleshooting your geothermal HVAC system in Alton, IL.

Gasket Leaks

For your geothermal system to work correctly, it depends heavily on water. Any sort of leak within your system will cause problems.

Geothermal HVAC systems typically don’t have leak issues, but rather minuscule leaks will begin to widen over time until they start to become noticeable. Once you discover a leak within your system, hiring geothermal HVAC repair technicians is much smarter than trying to fix it yourself.

Ground Loop Pressure Issues

Your geothermal system relies on applying pressure to the water inside of your system’s ground loop. The water pressure needs to be at a certain level for your system to heat or cool your home efficiently, so if your system’s water pressure begins to drop, your system will most likely need repairs.

Regular Heat Pump Issues

Although a geothermal HVAC system is different from a traditional HVAC system, it still suffers from a handful of the same issues. For example, not changing your air filter can cause problems with your geothermal system in the same way it would on a traditional system.

Also, if your geothermal system’s ductwork is dirty or damaged, it will affect the performance of your system. This could potentially have negative effects on your household both financially and health-wise as your air quality lowers and utility bills increase.

There are many benefits to investing in a geothermal HVAC system: They are affordable, very eco-friendly, quiet and consistent all year long. However, this doesn’t mean that you will never run into issues. Contact Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating for geothermal maintenance services.

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