Why Spring is the Best Time to Install a Generator in Brighton, IL

Are you thinking about installing a generator for your home or business? Doing so is a smart idea. The following are some of the reasons spring is the best time to install a generator in Brighton, IL:

Good Weather

With spring comes fair weather, so even if a generator installation will take a long time, the climate won’t be nearly as much of an issue. Say goodbye to snow and replace your generator or even hire a professional to do some maintenance on your existing system.

Easy to Dig

While installing a generator, you will have to find level and safe ground outside your house. Many generators require you to dig a tunnel for the connecting wires, which is difficult when the ground freezes or there’s been heavy snowfall. Install a generator this spring to enjoy around-the-clock power during any summer blackouts that might happen in Brighton, IL.


During the winter seasons, power blackouts are common due to the prevailing heavy storms that occur; thus, there’s a high demand for generators, leading to a hike in prices. The price spike tends to die down during spring, letting you find a generator more easily.

This also has the impact of making spare parts easier to find and cheaper to purchase, which is ideal for maintenance. Additionally, with less demand for generator services as a result of winter storms, you’ll be able to schedule maintenance for less!

Do you need someone to install your new generator or want a consultation on the best choice for you? If so, contact our professional team at Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating. We offer a variety of services, from heat pump installation and ductless AC repair to indoor air quality assessments and more. We’re ready to help you maximize comfort at a minimal price this cooling season.

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