How Cleaning Can Help Your HVAC System’s Performance

When your utility bills come in the mail, you immediately start wondering what you can do about those high costs. With some lifestyle adjustments, homeowners in Brighton, Illinois, can foster energy efficiency that will cut their utility costs. While it is not the most involved DIY project, cleaning your home will reduce strain on your HVAC system and cultivate high energy efficiency.

How Cleaning Improves Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is delicate. It doesn’t take much to cause your HVAC system to draw more energy than it needs. Some issues, like air leaks and a lack of insulation, can quickly break your fragile energy efficiency, but minor issues can gradually wear away your efficiency while you steadily pay more in utility costs. The more you can do to reduce the strain on your HVAC system, the more you will preserve your energy efficiency.

Anything that hinders your system’s airflow will compound strain on the unit and reduce its efficiency. Despite its minuscule size, even dust and dirt can reduce airflow, especially when particles gather near the heating and cooling system. Dirty, clogged filters also hinder airflow. Cleaning your home and improving airflow allows your HVAC system to effectively utilize energy to maintain comfort and healthy air in your home.

What You Should Clean to Help Your HVAC System

Where should you focus your cleaning efforts for the best results? Start with your HVAC system’s air filter. If you replace that filter once a month, you will allow it to clean your air and improve your energy efficiency rather than hinder it.

Next, focus your efforts around the HVAC unit, as well as heat registers and vents. Clean dust, dirt, and debris in the immediate area. Don’t forget to periodically check the area around your outdoor condenser unit and remove debris and dirt if necessary. Regularly cleaning all areas of your living space will also improve airflow and efficiency.

Make a habit of cleaning your home, and you’ll see your utility costs decrease as your comfort improves. Allow us to do our part to help your HVAC system by calling Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating at 618-207-3847.

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