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Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Alton, IL, home can have severe impacts on your health. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to improve your home’s IAQ. Here are the four biggest benefits you’ll receive from excellent indoor air quality.

1. You’ll Breathe Easier

The average human being breathes in more than 10,000 liters of air every 24 hours, and you don’t want any of these liters to contain harmful organisms or toxic chemicals. With that said, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and airborne allergens don’t always go away easily. When you do manage to get them out of your home’s air, however, you’ll feel more refreshed and invigorated.

2. More Peaceful Sleep

Dirty air can obstruct your breathing while you sleep, and you can end up with sleep apnea if things get bad enough. When you invest in an air purifier or an air cleaner, you’ll sleep deeper and wake up with more energy.

3. You Can Get Rid of Allergies

Some people find that raising their home’s IAQ helps them alleviate allergy symptoms. If you suffer from bouts of sneezing, dry eyes, or other common allergy symptoms, then you might have airborne irritants. A home that’s free of pollen, dust and animal dander can have you feeling like new in no time.

4. Less Humidity

Muggy, humid air can act as a breeding ground for bacteria, so optimizing your home’s IAQ also comes down to controlling the humidity. By the same token, incredibly dry air can irritate your lungs. Healthy air with a high IAQ has just the right balance of humidity.

Are you worried that the indoor air quality in your home might be affecting your health? Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating has been helping Alton residents raise their home’s IAQ since 1972. To learn more about our IAQ services, contact us at Den-Son Inc. Cooling & Heating today.

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